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Clients come to us with a broad range of business challenges and problems and we formulate a specialist team around them to transform their business. This isn’t just about coming up with great ideas, it’s the execution, the measurement and the ability to start a conversation around these ideas that place our clients ahead of their competitors. Our building has been designed to ensure teams are fluid, 100%  and can be combined in an infinite way to best suit our clients’ needs. These bespoke teams are formed from experts across the marketing field; PR, Content Creation, Video Production, SEO, Customer Engagement & Advertising, all sharing in the Rene Asia culture – no warring tribes.

We couple our ability to dream up big ideas with a commitment to delivery, our bespoke teams share a common operating system that runs right across every discipline and every specialism- when we say we DO it means we deliver across all channels, fast. Our collaborative way of working has been designed to extend prototyping from products to all kinds of creative ideas, from all corners of the agency. Born from the desire to ‘think & do simultaneously’, Makerspace provides the opportunity for ideas to be brought to life through products, content, experiences, films & apps – & furthermore tested & given feedback on, in house early in the creative process. With the relationship between making & creating at the helm of Makerspace, clients are given the opportunity to capitalize on culturally relevant ideas with minimal downtime.

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